Koboko district farmers call for aid as sunshine destroys crops

todayJune 8, 2021

By William Engamvile Koboko district.

Farmers in koboko district have lost hope in the first season crops as the continues dry spell in the district has caused withering and drying to the crops.

The weather that has changed in koboko district started early this year where there has been poor rainfall pattern observed.

Some of the crops that are affected in the district among others include maize, Groundnuts, beans, sorghum, cassava and also vegetables like cabbages, tomatoes, eggplants ocra.

According to some of the farmers, this year in the worst year as the rainfall pattern has never favoured them and they anticipate severe famine in a near future as the first season crops are destroyed by the dry spell "It’s so sad for us in koboko district as our crops are destroyed by strong sunshine this year and we don’t know how our future will be” they (Farmers) added.

The farmers continued that, they may not grow crops in the next season due to lack of seeds as the crops are destroyed ” they way we are seeing the weather pattern, there is no hope of planting crops in the next season as we may not have nothing to harvest this season” they stressed.

The farmers are now appealing to the government to come to their aid by providing seeds for the next season as they have nothing to harvest this season.


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