Muslims in Koboko called upon to Impress Government Programs

todayMay 20, 2021

By Ronald Acema


The Muslim leaders in Koboko Municipality used the Eid al-Fitr Celebration to call upon the followers of Islam impress and implement government Program in the Municipality.According to Sheik Abdulahi Rajan Fadimula the of Koboko Municipality who led a crowd of over two thousand Muslims during the Eidi prayer at Nyarilo Primary School play ground there is need for the parents to promote equal educational opportunity for both the girls and boys in the area.

Baguma Rashid one of the Muslims in Koboko town equally used the day to mobilise the rest of the muslims to massively turn up for the Vaccination against COVID 19 Pandemic as a new wave of the Pandemic is expected cause misery again in the country.Ateku Jabir Mohammed the Chairperson of Kawther Mosue in Koboko town says, people should desist from Hooliganism and other crime related practices as they celebrate the day.Heavy traffic jams characterised the Eidi Elfitri celebrations in Koboko Municipality.

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