Koboko Constituency Saloon Operators battle with leadership Wrangle

todayMarch 18, 2022

Radio Pacis Reporter


Over 30 Million Shillings injected by the Government to Koboko Constituency Saloon Operators EMYOOGA Sacco group in Koboko District is idle in Centenary Rural Development account for more than three months since the money reached the association account.

The Treasurer of the Sacco, Alex Metaaloro is pointing fingers towards his Chairperson Isaac Baiga for creating a distance from his executives and other members of the Sacco as he has become inaccessible for them.

The acting District Commercial office Koboko District Fungaro Alege has observed a number of gaps in the operation of the EMYOOGA program in the District. Alege however thinks the members should be quick to address Governance challenges within the groups so as to ensure success in the implementation of the program.

According to Isaac Baiga the Chairperson of the Sacco, the laxity by majority of the members in the group to fulfil their obligations through paying Registration and annual subscription fees as demanded by the EMYOOGA Constitution is to blame for this Condition.

Koboko District received over One Billion Shillings to fund 54 Sacco groups under EMYOOGA program in the three Constituencies of Koboko North, Koboko Constituency and Koboko Municipality.

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