DEAR DAY CELEBRATIONS: Rotary Club Arua Echo City donates assorted books to Okazara Primary School

todayMarch 20, 2023

By Kaleb Yiiki


National DEAR day in Arua District was celebrated in Okazara Primary School, with Children Reading to Guests and Guests Reading to Children. The Drop Every Thing and Read (DEAR) Day is a national Event annually Celebrated on the  March 15th, masterminded by Peace Corps Uganda in 2017, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Sports; In an effort to promote reading culture in Schools, Rotary Club Arua Echo City, donated Assorted Books to Okazara Primary School.

According to Peace Corps Uganda, DEAR Day is a wonderful opportunity to shine a light on the importance of literacy and reading culture while also celebrating your community and its members. Teachers, pupils and organizations can engage in activities such as: Silent Reading whereby a reader reads silently to him or herself using any material available, Buddy Reading whereby two people take turns reading the same book to each other and Read Aloud where one person reads a book or text to a classroom or even a whole school. It can also include Writing Workshops like writing stories, free writing, or goal, Schools can invite a local leader to read aloud to the school!  You can spice the day with Music, Dance, and Drama (MDD) – have your school’s MDD team create a performance about the importance of literacy.

The head Teacher Okazara Primary School, Angutoko Ophine, is Very Grateful to the Rotary Club Arua Echo City and the Leadership of Arua District and for the Offer of books. “Our Source of Knowledge Comes from Books.” He Said.
Rotarian Sharon Lalam, is the Immediate President of the Rotary Club Arua Echo City, she says this is the Second time the Rotary Club is donating books to Okazara Primary School.  “The Theme for This Day is, ‘Reading as a way of Life’. We are Promoting a reading Culture in Schools through our project through the Basic Education and Literacy Enhancement Program.” She Explained.

The Chief Reader for the DEAR day in Okazara Primary school was Alfred Okuonzi the LCV Arua District, who elaborated to us why it is important to embrace a reading Culture both at School and Homes. “I’m telling you, a home without books for reading is like a house without windows! Reading helps you to comprehend texts, improve vocabulary, Refreshes your Brain, reduces  your stress as you are entertained, opens you the world of information as you Read.” He explained. 
The 4th National DEAR Day took place on Wednesday, March 15th, 2017.

COVER PHOTO: Alfred Okuonzi the LCV Arua District and Rotarian Sharon Lalam handing over books to  Angutoko Ophine, Head Teacher Okazara Primary School. By Kaleb Yiiki

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