Councilors of Okokoro Town Council in Maracha district threaten to resign

todayOctober 6, 2022

By Godwin Abedican


The councilors of Okokoro town council in Maracha district say they want to leave their offices citing lack of cooperation from the district top security officers.
This development comes as result of a disco that was staged in the area whereas there was a resolution during a security meeting organized on the 18th of September called by the area Member of Parliament.

Following the staging of a disco on the night of Saturday 1st October 2022, the councilors were angered since they informed the heads of security that is the DPC and the RDC when arrangements were being made for the disco, to intervene to stop the disco but they didn’t respond after promising the councilors that a security team was on their way to stop the disco on Saturday night. They therefore say it is the security officials siding with the disco operators hence frustrating their efforts which has prompted them to resign.

Anguyo Godwin the speaker of Okokoro town council says, withstanding the intimidation has become difficult adding that he wants to convene a council sitting to pass the resolution of their resignation as councilors of Okokoro town council. “The RDC and DPC promised during the meeting that they have the man power that they can use to implement the resolutions of the security meeting but when we called them they didn’t respond and yet down here people are mocking us saying we are useless,” Anguyo says. Candia Emmanuel, the secretary for security in the council, says they are tired of the cases of insecurity calling for the transfer of the RDC and the DPC of the district due to their failure to uphold to their duties and the demands of the people.

Responding to the accusations, Ayikobua Festus, the Resident District Commissioner Maracha, urges the councilors to instead be united and work together with other authorities to handle the matter.

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