Government to use original map of greater Arua District to resolve Terego-Madi okollo border dispute

todayMarch 14, 2022

By Musa Sabir

The office of the prime minister has resolved to use the original map of greater Arua District to resolve the ongoing border dispute between the new districts of madi okollo and terego. This decision follows the refusal of the recent border reaffirmation by the leaders of Madi-Okollo district. This follows report submitted after the ministry officials conducted a reaffirmation exercise to establish the border between Uriama Sub County in Terego District and Rigbo Sub County in Madi-Okollo District.

Member of Parliament for Lower Madi-Okollo Constituency, Ronald Afidra says the report is rejected due to irregularities including conflict of interest by State Minister of Lands in charge of Urban Development and failure to use the colonial map.
Madi-Okollo District Woman MP, Joanne Okia believes that it is possible to get a copy of colonial map to address the concern.
Terego East Constituency MP and Minister of State for Lands in charge of Urban Development, Obiga Kania calls for respect to findings of government as it is to ensure peaceful co-existence of the communities.

However, Terego District Woman MP Rose Obiga appeals to the conflicting communities in the two districts still to remain calm as government intervenes.
The Minister of Local Government, Raphael Magyezi ruled that the status quo at the border be maintained as government plans to find a lasting solution into the dispute.

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