Boy drowns in River Nyagak in Zombo district

todayNovember 17, 2022

By Mike Rwothomio

Police in Zombo district have mounted a search for the body of a boy who drowned in River Nyagak in Cula muk village, Zingili Ward Paidha town council Zombo district. Information about the deceased remains scanty, but the available information shows that he was a resident of Ngia village in Nyapea Sub County in the same district.

It is alleged that the minor was pushed in the middle of the river by a friend with whom he had gone swimming. He was then over powered by the fast flowing river that swept him on Sunday. When friends of the missing boy saw him being swept away without help, they immediately ran home to inform family members who rushed to the river to rescue the boy but to no avail. This later prompted the family of the missing boy from Nyapea Sub County to attack the family of his friend who pushed him into the river. The aftermath of the attack left three grass thatched houses burnt to ashes. Pascal Kumakech, the councilor Zingili ward in Paidha town council describes the incident as unfortunate. “Well this is what we are dealing with right now. We decided to go to the river where this child drowned. We found there was a cloth lying there. The people at that place told us that it belongs to the boy who died. But instead of getting the right information from the other with whom he was, it became difficult because none of his friends were at the scene. But the fact remains that three grass thatched houses were burnt to ashes and one other child was also missing. So people at that home are suspecting that the missing child could be one who drowned. As we speak, things are just like that, so we have left everything in the hands of the Police officers”, he said.

Previous cases
In February 2019, five people died following a boat accident on River Nile in Pacego village in Panyango Sub County in Pakwach district. They were reportedly returning from Nwoya district where they had gone for cultivation on a canoe loaded with sacks of foodstuffs, which were too heavy for the canoe forcing it to capsize. The deceased's bodies were recovered from different spots following a joint search by marine officials and residents.  In May this year, five people including three toddlers drowned in River Nile in Pawor sub-county, Madi-Okollo district. They died enroute for a burial in Wadelai sub-county, Pakwach district, with the tragedy attributed to a strong wind that hit the canoe they were sailing in.

COVER PHOTO: Three grass thatched houses were burnt in the after math of the incident on Sunday. Photo by Rwothomio Mike

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