Archbishop’s Visit: Family in Omoro offers to accommodate the cleric.

todayJanuary 21, 2023

Robert Ojok


A family in Omoro district has offered to accommodate the archbishop of church of Uganda during his pastoral visit in the diocese starting this weekend. The family whose name is with held accepted to accommodate the archbishop in their home during his visit in Archdeaconry of Omoro. According to Diocesan communications officer Rev. Canan Wily Akena, they welcome the generosity but it will be the archbishop to approve the proposal before another action is taken. 
The pastoral visit of the archbishop of church of Uganda is set to start from Amuru on 21/01/22 Nwoya, Gulu and end on 24/01/2023 in Omoro district.
The Bishop of Northern Uganda diocese Godfrey Loum says the Archbishop Dr. Stephen Samuel Kazimba Mugalu have time to meet stakeholders and the Christians in various parishes to pray and also listen to their spiritual and physical needs. “Covid-19 and the region has been affected greatly by poverty so the archbishop shall come and listen to the flock with possibilities of restoring hope and building faith to the Christians”, Bishop Godfrey Loum added    
During the visit, the archbishop is expected to commission Jubilee House in Gulu city and bless selected churches, residents and clergies in the diocese.
Zeru Abuuka a Christian from Nwoya Archdeaconry says he is happy to receive the archbishop in his district for the first time. According to Abuuka, he can’t recall any time in his life when archbishop of church of Uganda reaching his Archdeaconry making this visit paramount. 

The mayor of Bardege-Layibi division says the coming of archbishop shall pacify the region recovering from 20-years war of lord’s resistance army war, poverty stricken and epicenter of domestic violence. The archbishop is also expected to have a meeting with the clergies and their spouses among other leaders during the 1-week visit in the diocese of northern Uganda.

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