Private School Teachers Storm Arua Central Police over Unpaid Salaries

todayNovember 14, 2022

A move by a private school's administration to bring in new teachers to replace those who have not been unpaid for two months has made matters worse at St. Leo Primary and Nursery school in Arua City.

Teaching and learning activities at the school on 14th November 2022 paralyzed after the group of disgruntled teachers whose salaries hadn't been paid for a while tried to block the new teachers from teaching. According to the other teachers, their colleagues decided to go to the Central Police Station after the school administration directed police to arrest them when they attempted to block seven new teachers who were brought in by the administration from Kampala allegedly to replace them.

The affected teachers say they haven’t received any pay for the months of September and October, something they say has taken a huge toll on their welfare and that of the families. George Olema, one of the affected teachers says that although they tried to engage their school administrators over their pay, no proper explanation was given to them. Saffi Agupiyo, another teacher at the school notes that his children have been chased from school after him failing to pay their school fees since he has not been paid salary for the past two months. Benard Cadribo, a parent, expressed disappointment over the decision of the school authorities to hire new staff from Kampala when they haven’t paid salaries of the old staff.

However, the West Nile region Police spokesperson, Josephine Angucia confirmed receiving the complaints of the teachers, noting that police visited the school in an effort to address the matter. Angucia says the school authorities have committed to pay the teachers' salaries. The teachers' protest comes at the time when the learners were due to sit for their final exams ahead of the closure of the school term. St. Leo education center Primary, Nursery and Day Care is a private education institution located in Mvara Ward, Arua central division in Arua City. The school currently has over 700 pupils.

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