Professor warns Students of Curses for causing Strikes in Schools

todayMarch 30, 2023

By Joseph Abiria


With the mush rooming numbers  of private founded secondary schools in the country, a collection of students from different backgrounds converge in these schools in order to acquire  knowledge , but what perturbs many people, some students  deviate from  following school regulations over petty complains and misunderstandings leading to strikes. The ring leaders of these strikes are the main culprits who influence the innocent ones.

While celebrating the achievements and academic success of destiny comprehensive secondary school, speaker after speaker raised a red flag on the kind of citizens the next generation will likely have if discipline is not adhered to. Stephen Adroma the head teacher of Destiny comprehensive  SS  hailed the last set of candidates in his school for exhibiting integrity, discipline and making the school shine in  2022 UACE results. He said disobedient students cannot excel in academics.

The project officer of RICE west Nile Mildred Ocokuru, asked students to reflect on their future endeavors by spending their time well while at school.  She said the future of students who will succeed and progress later in life starts with having good attitudes not forgetting discipline. Jobile Cornelius, the deputy town clerk Arua city, a fine educated gentleman emphasized on the need for students to starve for knowledge without ceasing. He also warned any students involved in all forms of strikes to be ready to face the consequences.

Speaking as the chief guest, Professor David Olema challenged students to work hard and take on discipline as a daily menu in order to reflect on where they are coming from. He added that causing strikes in schools attracts punishments and curses.

COVER PHOTO: Students Of Destiny Comprehensive By Joseph Abiria

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