Tear gas in Kyambogo University as students went on strike on Thursday morning

todayMay 27, 2021

Vincent Guvule


Students of Kyambogo University on Thursday morning went on strike as the University administration has failed to address some of the grievances the University student leaders have put before the University administration.

Some the grievances among others notably included the ODEL learning where the students are set to have online learning other than face to face lectures.

The six weeks policy of the University where the students are subjected to pay 50000 shillings surcharge for late payment of tuition.

The students also want the days of learning be extended as the University only gave six weeks for face to face lectures from the previous four months and lastly the issues of the roadmap to graduation of Kyambogo university this year.

It took almost one hour plus for the students who demanded for the address of the vice chancellor to be dispersed with tear gas by the police.

The current strike  in Kyambogo university took place when there are  alarming  situations of covid-19. University administration is currently battling cases of covid-19 where six students with two administrative staff have been confirmed positive with covid-19.

Currently the situation of the strike is under control as the Hon Mbazira John senior the Guild President and his deputy have been arrested and driven to unknown distination.


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