Three hospitalized in Apac after waragi drinking competition

todayAugust 5, 2021

By Chris Woo

Three men have been hospitalized in critical conditions following an alcohol drinking competition in Apac municipality.
The trio has been identified as 28 year old Alex Okello, Alex Okori 35 and Moses Odongo 40, all residents of Ayom–Makagwata cell Atik Division, Apac municipality.
Trouble ensued after the trio reached a consensus for who would drink and finish first a litter of waragi at Beiwe Trading Centre mid this week.
It is alleged that Alex Okori, a casual labourer enticed his two competitors to take part in the drinking competition after receiving his salary.
But the trio collapsed soon after finishing their bottles.
Bosco Okum, the LC1 chairperson of Ayom Makagwata cell says he will converge a meeting with other local leaders of neighboring cells to devise means of controlling excessive alcohol consumption.
“This is uncalled for. So many of our youth are getting wasted to unexplained alcohol consumption and yet we have more profitable things that we can do to better our lives. We shall find a way to end this in our meeting with my counter parts”, he said.
Bob Oola the LC3 chairperson Atik Division urged members of the community to utilize the available time in productive activities instead of alcoholism.

What health experts say
According to experts from Mayo Clinic in USA, several people succumb to alcohol poisoning. It occurs when a person drinks alcohol too much too quickly, affecting the person’s breathing, heart rate, body temperature and gag reflex and potentially lead to a coma and death.
Experts have often times advised the excessive consumption of alcohol due to so many health risks associated with its consumption, including; Alcohol poisoning, Violence, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, liver disease, weak immune system, mental health problems, including depression and anxiety, social problems, including family problems, job-related problems, and unemployment.

COVER PHOTO: Experts warn against drinking too much too quickly as it poses risks of poisoning. Courtesy photo.

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