Over 60 people homeless as heavy rains ravage Oyam district

todaySeptember 30, 2021

By Chris Woo
Some 69 people are currently pondering their next move after flash floods destroyed their houses and crops in parts of Ngai Sub County Oyam district.
The flash floods caused by a heavy down pour also paralyzed transport as five roads and some bridges linking Ngai Sub County to other neighboring Sub Counties were destroyed.
They include among others Olony Bridge which connects Ngai to oyam district headquarters, Oryangapat Bridge which connects Oyam to Lira and Obongkonga Bridge which connects Oyam to Omoro district.
Sam Okeng, the LC1chairperson of Okure cell Ngai Sub County Oyam district says besides the huge damage to roads and bridges, some other residents in his area also lost huge acreage of crops.
“We are in a huge problem at this place. We are no longer unable to move because now how are we going to move when our nearby bridge has been completely destroyed. Our farmers are also here crying foul because where are we going to get food from? The maize, simsim, cassava and sun flower that we had planted here are all gone. We are still calling for support much as our previous cry for help did not yield much”, he said.
Ocen Robert Ayo, the LC1 chairperson of Abyenek A cell, which is also affected the flash floods says transport has been paralyzed as most of the feeder roads in his area have become impassable.
“I don’t know what will become of my people because we used to access health services from Abok and Opit Sub Counties in Omoro district but access to these facilities are also not possible as access roads have been cut. We are now walking a distance of about 4 to 6 kilometers to access services at Ngai health center III which is the only government health facility in the Sub County”, he said.
Five people including a two year old child have been swept by the flash floods in Ngai Sub County Oyam district since the start of the rainy season.
Meanwhile, Jimmy Anyar Dolo the LC3 chairperson of Ngai Sub County has cautioned community members against unnecessary movement especially the young children to avoid of being swept away from the fast running water.

COVER PHOTO: A motorist wades through one of the affected roads. Parts of Northern Uganda has been witnessing flash floods since the beginning of the rainy season.  Photo by Chris Woo

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