Ayivu Division Town Clerk transferred back from Arua Central

todayMarch 21, 2023

By Sabir Musa

Arua city

Barely 2-months after his transfer to serve in Arua Central Division as Town Clerk from Ayivu Division, Emmanuel Angudubo is back again in the division, now as the Acting Ayivu Division Deputy Town Clerk on new transfer by Arua City Clerk’s office.
This transfer according to Deputy Arua City Clerk, Cornelius Jobile comes after a substantive Division Town Clerk was posted to Arua Central by Ministry of Public Service. “When we received the person who was substantively sent by the ministry and given his expertise, we thought it wise to place him in the central division and also given the hierarchy in administration, Emmanuel is substantively a deputy and so it befits that we bring him back to Ayivu in acting capacity as we wait for another Town Clerk to be posted in the division by ministry” he explains.

Following his transfer to Arua Central Division in January this year, the Principal Assistant Town Clerk of Arua City, Florence Eyotaru was posted in the activing position to replace him in Ayivu Division. Florence who now assumes her substantive position says, improved local revenue mobilization is a major achievement in the short term of serving in Ayivu. “We embarked on local revenue mobilization; in January when we came in, we were able to mobilize 50 million shillings then in the month of February, we also mobilized 50 million shillings. We were able to send our Principal Town Agents to do revenue collection and they were willing because of team work” Florence reveals.

Ayivu Division Mayor, Malon Avutia also presented the need to improve local revenue mobilization as a major task for the division to achieve with help of Acting Deputy Town Clerk.
But this transfer according to Emmanuel Angudubo is normal and pledge to focus on improved service delivery. “Basically service delivery and I will be able to do better than what I left. For us in Public Service, it is very normal for you to be moved from one station to another” he assures.
With 219 cells and 48 wards, the large size of Ayivu Division is cited as a challenge for administration coupled with small local revenue base and transport challenge for running activities in the division.

COVER PHOTO: Arua City and Ayivu Division Officials during handover By Sabir Musa

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