Zombo DPC, three others dismissed from Police force over negligence of duty

todayAugust 2, 2021

By Federick Dramadri

Four police officers attached to Zombo Police have been dismissed from the force after the police disciplinary court in Arua found them guilty for negligence of duty, which led to the escape of a notorious suspect.
Among those dismissed include the acting District Police Commander ASP Joshua Twongo, CID officer ASP Paul Wanzala and Corporal Abidrabo Albert, whereas detective Corporal Ojur Sulaiman was sentenced to severe reprimand, while the Police driver, Constable Yalaba Gilbert and detective Tutia Gilbert were acquitted.
Court findings indicate that on 17th July 2021 the six officers led by the DPC Zombo signed for the suspect Denis Ogenrwoth, a notorious suspect and took him in Uganda police car with registration number UP8349 from Arua central police station.

While on transit to Zombo central police station, the officers encountered a numberless motorcycle at Adraka in Madi Okollo district and the four officers under the command of the DPC impounded the motorcycle and rushed with the motorcycle leaving the suspect in the car with the driver who was sick and on medication and one Abidrabo Albert who remained in the car leading to the successful escape of the suspect.

However, The Prosecutor ASP Diana Nairuba noted that most of the defaulters are first offenders except Corporal Abidrabo Albert who had track record of indiscipline right from police headquarters in Naguru up to West Nile region and that there should be awarded fair judgment.

“I concur with the litigations of the defaulters 1, 2 and 4, they do not have any disciplinary recorded. However defaulter 5 according to the records collected from the police human resource at headquarters Naguru up to the region he indeed faced the disciplinary committee of the police for several time due to irregular misconduct”.

While presiding over the court, the commissioner of police Bamunoba Ubaldo stated that the court had taken the litigation of the defaulters and the information plus the prayers of the prosecution before arriving at their judgment.

“All the officers have the right to appeal and that if any one of you is not satisfied with the judgment can appeal to the police appellant court before 14 days from the time of signing this ruling.” Bamunoba explained.

The police public relations officer West Nile Hudson Ocen reveals that this should open the eyes of the public to report any dirty deals of the police so that discipline is instilled in the force.

“This is an open court decision to show to the public that police is not an exceptional to the law and that if any one see the officers going against the laws of this country, they should not hesitate to report with evidence and they will be tried the same way.” Ocen said

The officers were charged with three counts all of which the officers pleaded not guilty On count 1, neglect of duty contrary to section 44 of the police Act cap 343, ASP Towong Joshua, Corporal Ojur Suleiman, Corporal Abidrabo Albert and the driver constable Yalaba Gilbert while deployed at Zombo central police station by carelessness and neglect permitted the detainee Denis Ogenrwoth to escape while on transit from Arua to Zombo. On count 2, which is also neglect of duty, Towong Joshua, Wanzara Alex Paul, Totia Gilbert while deployed at Zombo failed to report the escape of the suspect Denis Ogenrwoth to their supervisors.  On the third and last count which is false prevarication, detective Wanzara Alex Paul while deployed at Zombo made false, inaccurate and misleading information to his supervisors when asked the whereabouts of the suspect.

COVER PHOTO: The Police officers appearing before the disciplinary court of the Police. Photo by Federick Dramadri.

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