Ama Mu Drile

Radio Pacis Arua 90.9 FM

Ama Mu Drile Program is the other ‘We Go Forward Program’ besides Kuyi Uti Nyero. The issues affecting the Local community are tackled in the Lugbara language. The Program runs from 2:00pm till 5:00pm.
Mon—Fri: 3:00—5:00 pm
Language: Lögbara

  • To provide special information for children, adolescents, and women in the local community who speak the Lögbara language;
  • To educate the public in an interactive way on issues of public health, disabilities, agriculture, forestry, fishery and small business management, etc;
  • To promote behavior change by offering tips about reconciliation and conflict resolution;
  • To focus on issues that affect the socio-economic, religious and political context in the communities;
  • To discuss issues about family life and women’s rights;
  • To apply the positive aspects of language and culture to current challenges in the community.

Adults whose mother language is Lögbara.

70% Lögbara songs and 30% other topic-related songs.

Call-ins, discussions with guests, vox-pop.


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