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Amatura is another ‘We Go Forward Program’ in Madi Language. It discusses issues affecting the Local community. Lodi Isaac is the Presenter.

Mon—Fri: 2:00—5:00 pm
Language: Ma’di


  • To provide special information for children, adolescents, and women in the local community who speak the Ma’di language;

  • To educate the public in an interactive way on issues of public health, disabilities, agriculture, forestry, fishery and small business management, etc;

  • To promote behavior change by offering tips about reconciliation and conflict resolution;

  • To focus on issues that affect the socio-economic, religious and political context in the communities;

  • To discuss issues about family life and women’s rights;

  • To apply the positive aspects of language and culture to current challenges in the community.

Adults whose mother language is Ma’di.

70% Ma’di songs and 30% other topic-related songs.

Call-ins, discussions with guests, vox-pop.


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