Amazing Life

Radio Pacis Arua 94.5 FM

From 11:00am till 12:00pm is the Amazing Life Program on 94.5 in Alur while that in Madi starts at 3:00pm to 4:00pm. This is a program for the Children.

Sat: 11:00—12:00 pm (Alur); Sat: 3:00—4:00 pm (Madi)
Language: Alur and Ma’di and some English


  • To give a voice to the children of West Nile and Northern Uganda;

  • To offer a platform for children to discuss issues concerning them;

  • To make children appreciate the amazing things in life;

  • To bring together children with various backgrounds to share experiences;

  • To stimulate children (and indirectly parents) to comprehend the issues that affect them and how to respond;

  • To create awareness on children’s rights in the fast-changing society;

  • To counteract child abuse, neglect and violation of children’s rights;

  • To enable children to express their skills through segments like “Debate”;

  • To provide entertainment and education to children through stories, riddles, poems, etc.

  • To educate children about environment, health and other vital aspects of society.

Children from 5 years to 15 years who speaks Alur or Madi.

Music composed by artists about children and for the children; songs with clear meaning for children.

Interactive show: Discussion with guests (children, parents, experts) in the studio or pre-recorded.  The language is simple and clear.


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