Captivation Zone

Radio Pacis Arua 94.5 FM

It has slot for news, BBC focus on Africa. If no talk show, from 8.00pm 9.00pm is for discussing topics on issues affecting the society. Otera Robert presents the program.

Mon—Fri: 5:00—9:00 pm
Language: English



  • To educate the audience in entertaining format about relationships, family life, community challenges, education, health, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, business management, children, adolescents or the youth, and women;

  • To provide the local audience with music that offers appropriate relaxation after a day of work;

  • To offer information about events in Africa through the segment “BBC Focus on Africa”;

  • To encourage the audience to evaluate work in order to do better on the next day;

  • To provide news information on events and issues through the news bulletins and features.

General appeal.

Variety of music.

Radio talk and interaction through call-ins, SMS and Facebook.


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