Choirs of West Nile

Radio Pacis Arua 90.9 FM

It is presented by Dawa Alice. Choir songs from West Nile are played in this show.

Sun: 2:00—4:00 pm
Language: Lögbara and Kakwa and some English


  • To promote liturgical songs and active participation in the liturgy;

  • To allow choirs to learn new songs from other choirs;

  • To offer a better understanding of the liturgical seasons;

  • To encourage members of the Christian community to join the choir in their local chapels;

  • To offer in the Sunday afternoon the atmosphere of the Day of the Lord.

General appeal; listener of 10 years and above.

Adherence to choir songs in Lögbara and Kakwa languages.

Participation of the listener is through greeting cards and the SMS media. Sometimes choir members are guests who discuss issues that concern their choir group.

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