Cultural Perspectives (90.9)

Radio Pacis Arua 90.9 FM

The Cultural Perspective is a Program on 90.9 at 4:00pm for one Hour, till 5:00pm. It alternates between Lugbara and Kakwa, Sunday after Sunday. Adrapi Gabriel is the Presenter in Lugbara and Mukulia Lawrence is the Presenter in Kakwa.

Sun: 4:00—5:00 pm
Language: Lögbara and Kakwa


  • To strengthen the moral values as transmitted through the generations and emphasized through the social teaching of the Church;
  • To offer a forum for sharing of ideas on the cultural issues;
  • To find the roots of various behaviors (religious or social), and the principles that define their actions;
  • To educate the listeners about the lifestyles of other people who have migrated from other cultures and live in their listening area;
  • To help live in harmony in a cross-cultural environment;
  • To offer in-depth information to evaluate their cultural norms;
  • To enable the young people in the current generation to understand their cultural heritage;
  • To help understand that cultures keep evolving.

General Appeal

Songs from the Lögbara or Kakwa groups.

Discussion with elders either in the studio or pre-recorded. Participation of audience is through call-ins.


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