Features 90.9

Radio Pacis Arua 90.9 FM

FEATURES; This is a 30 minutes program that runs on Radio Pacis 90.9fm, 94.5fm and 101.4fm. It gives detailed information on issues affecting the society. Headed by Alangi Linda.

Mon—Fri: 2:30—3:00 pm
Language: English

  • To offer in-depth information and insights about the people, places, things, or events that exist in the community;
  • To explore the interesting and educational themes that the audience may have missed in the normal newscasts and presentations;
  • To provide an opportunity for more journalistic enterprise and creativity than the usual hard news and soft news stories;
  • To support the work of other community stakeholders such as the teachers in schools to impart advice to the isolated rural populations in matters of public health, agricultural methods, and other social and practical topics;
  • To produce special events, news backgrounds, historical features, personality sketches and profiles, seasonal features.

General appeal.

No music.

Narrations and field interviews with experts and ordinary people.


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