Mama’s Weekend

Radio Pacis Arua 94.5 FM

This Program runs on Radio Pacis 94.5fm and 101.4fm from 5:30am till 9:00am. It discusses issues affecting the families.It is presented by Onen Joan.

Sat: 5:30—9:00 am
Language: English


  • To educate women to give the best of their life to what matters the most – personal relationships, role in the family, service to the local community;

  • To enrich the ability of women on issues ranging from parenting, career, business, health, education and leadership, etc.

  • To provide accurate information on issues such as: communicating with children, time management, addictions, living healthy, and caring for aging parents;

  • To offer a platform for the listeners to share experiences and expectations;

  • To motivate both men and women by hearing life experiences;

  • To inspire mothers to tackle family matters and issues of their human rights;

  • To encourage women to take up career jobs while balancing family work;

Women, families.

Variety of music.

Radio talk, interaction between guests and listeners through call-ins, SMS.


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