Otita Agrikica ni

Radio Pacis Arua 90.9 FM

Otita Agrikica ni meaning Farmers Talk on 90.9 comes in Lugbara, and it is a Talk-Show on agriculture, hosted by Eyoti Joel.

Sat: 9:00—10:00 am (Lögbara)
Language: Lögbara


  • To educate and inform the listener about simple and correct methods of commercial farming;

  • To promote social change and improved livelihood through farming;

  • To offer appropriate news and information that help improve the farming practices;

  • To empower the listeners with content that seeks to encourage members of the local community to invest in farming as business;

  • To reinforce the national policy that encourages local farmers to engage in modern farming to eradicate poverty and increase household income;

  • To produce content that enables farmers to learn and share new skills and experiences on crop and animal species introduced in the local economy by various stakeholders, including the Government of Uganda.

Both general audience and farmers groups.

Short pieces of music sung by farmers about farming.

Live program preferred, BUT pre-records are used at some points. Participation of the audience is through phone-ins and SMS media. Farmers as well as experts are involved in the discussions. Farmers visualize farming practices through on-scene packaging.


9:00—9:05 am Messages
9:05—10:00 am Farmers Talk

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