Sports Analysis

Radio Pacis Arua 94.5 FM

Sports Analysis. This program is on Radio pacis 94.5 fm and 101.4fm, from 10.00am to 11.00am. The Presenter is Swabir Habib (better known as Imbapi Suso Odumodu).

Sat: 10:00—11:00 am
Language: English


  • To contribute to the development of local, national and international sports by offering examined and tested insights on sports;

  • To popularize all sporting activities like hockey, rugby, tennis, golf, etc. that are not common in the region;

  • To provide direct, accurate, and to-the-point information that can be used in numerous ways, either in the coaching process or when deciding upon tactics, and to improve performance of the players and coaches in the local communities;

  • To educate sports fans on the process of improving performance through feedback from the professionals;

  • To improve the relationship between coaches and athletes at local level;

  • To invite listeners to express their ideas for the development of local sports activities.

General appeal, but especially youth, fans, and athletes.

No music.

Radio talk, interaction with guests in the studio, call-ins.


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