The Good Times

Radio Pacis Arua 90.9 FM

The Good Times is presented on 90.9 from 9:30pm after the 30 minutes Vatican Radio that starts at 9:00pm. The Good times goes up to 1:00am. It is a musical show presented by Candia Peter (Peter de Rock).

Sun: 9:30—1:00 am
Language: English


  • To refresh the mind of the listener about the good times in life;

  • To provide memorable music and profiles of the song writers, composers and singers;

  • To strengthen the audience to cope with challenges of the present life in the best way through touching soul music;

  • To propose serious topics in a comic way while also providing positive characters for the audience.

Adults: 18 years and above, mainly the working class and the middle class.

Soul music.

Radio Talk, interaction with listeners through phone-ins, SMS, Facebook.


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