The Groove Night

Radio Pacis Gulu 101.4 FM

By Okello Alfred.

Sun: 9:30—12:00 am
Language: English


  • To provide infotainment by playing country music;
  • To inform about different country music artists;
  • To give to listeners the opportunity of enjoying the stories contained in the lyrics of country songs;
  • To offer content that is reflecting community concerns with the intent of causing behavior and social change;
  • To give hints about history of country music;
  • To educate listeners about the issues and events in society through the meaning of the songs.

General appeal and fans of country music.

Country music.

75% Country music. 25% call-ins, SMS, Facebook, profiles of country music artistes.


9:30—10:00 pm Country & Soul Music
10:00—10:05 pm Messages
11:00—11:05 pm Messages
10:50—12:00 am Country & Soul Music

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