By Denis Oringi

The district councilor representing Arua hill division in Arua municipality to the district  Asara Night has expressed her disappointment to the authorities of Arua district. Honorable Asara claims that ever since she was arrested, tortured and going through terrible pains, the district has not rendered any assistance to her.

While at Family Care Clinic were she was admitted in Arua before leaving to an unknown health facility in Kampala stressed that as a district councilor she is entitled to the district ambulance but was surprise after the security operatives blocked her from using the ambulance even after being given permission to use it.

The Arua district council speaker Onduma Suleiman, who is in charge of the councilors’ welfare, says there was no budget for a case like of Asara Night rather urged individuals to make contributions towards such a cause.

Honorable Asara Night left Family Care Clinic for further treatment alongside Atiku Shaban the driver to Kassiano Wadri MP Arua municipality. Atiku says the people who tortured him left several internal wounds that he is battling with.

Illal Nasil Chairperson Uganda Muslim Council for Arua Municipality condemned the action of the district authorities towards Asara Night and other people who were tortured.

Both Asara Night and Atiku Shaban were picked away from Family Care Clinic on Tuesday by Dr. Stella Nyanzi for further medication and it is not yet known where they are getting the further medical treatment from. End