Amazing Life 90. 9

90.9At 11:30am till 1:00pm is the Amazing Life Program on 90.9. BUT the time is divided between Lugbara group and Kakwa group. It is the Children’s Program. Its presenters are Abiria May Grace for Lugbara and Ajonye Beatrice for the Kakwa.

Sat: 11:30—1:00 pm

Language: Lögbara and Kakwa and some English

  • To give a voice to the children of West Nile and Northern Uganda;
  • To offer a platform for children to discuss issues concerning them;
  • To make children appreciate the amazing things in life;
  • To bring together children with various backgrounds to share experiences;
  • To stimulate children (and indirectly parents) to comprehend the issues that affect them and how to respond;
  • To create awareness on children’s rights in the fast-changing society;
  • To counteract child abuse, neglect and violation of children’s rights;
  • To enable children to express their skills through segments like “Debate”;
  • To provide entertainment and education to children through stories, riddles, poems, etc.
  • To educate children about environment, health and other vital aspects of society.

Children from 5 years to 17 years who speak Lögbara or Kakwa.


Music composed by artists about children and for the children; songs with clear meaning for children.


Interactive show: Discussion with guests (children, parents, experts) in the studio or pre-recorded.  The language is simple and clear.

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