By Vincent Sabo & Daniel Amule

Radio Pacis showed the strength of the slogan Peace of Christ for all with some massive 2-0 win over Maracha district local government at Bura Primary school playground in Maracha on Wednesday 18th October 2017.
Onziga Simon fired in a powerful free kick in to the net in the 15th minute of the game after being fouled in almost within the box area by Alici Benerd.
The second goal came in the 67th minute when a powerful shot from Enguma Samson was deflected by Dramani Ceaser in to his own thus leaving the Marachians in tears.
Coach Vicente Da Costa Jr made six substitutions in the game, Fizzo Mike, Asiki Alex, Abiyo Walter, Pecy Moo, Oliver Batali, and Uncle Nyax came in for Omiacan Darius, Nyamua Walter, Mukulia Lawrence, Adrapi Gabriel, Obetia Joel, and Onziga Simon.
Radio Pacis had much possession of the game but how ever goalkeeper Manaba Ivan had some fabulous saves from Maracha striker Alici Benard.

After the game Maracha district local government hosted Radio Pacis staff for a dinner, the district information officer and administration Akuma Sydney was delighted in host the staff from Radio Pacis.

“We are happy to  host you here because you are our friends and colleagues. most of the staff of Maracha district passed through Radio Pacis. Thank you for choosing to play with us”. he said.

The LC 5 Chairman for Maracha Mr. Adiga Lawrence Ozubia said he was not satisfied of the defeat to Radio Pacis and believed that they would win the game if they were to play again.
“I can’t believe that we lost the game, I only played for five minutes but I had a very good game but we will admit this defeat when we lose again to radio Pacis in a second game” Ozubia was quoted.
“Radio Pacis has a great listener-ship in Maracha district and we are very delighted to have hosted them here and all over Maracha you only find people listening to Radio Pacis especially 90.9fm” Mr Ozubia Continued.

On the other side radio Pacis recorded a come from behind 24-21 win over Maracha district in netball with the Pacis ladies picking up a second win in two years having also won 24-18 against Yumbe district local government last year.

Yiki Samuel the assistant Public relations manager Radio Pacis lauded Maracha district for the warm welcome and the good relationship the two institutions have shared in the past.

He stressed that the choice of Maracha district to play the anniversary game was just to say thank you for the great following the radio has in the district.  He called for this partnership to continue.

The station manager Apamaku Gaetano said the radio will continue to partner with the district in development of the people of Maracha and West Nile as a whole. End

Maracha District Starting XI

Eyoga Geofrey, Adriko Robert, Candia Robert, Amandu Onesmus, Dramani Ceaser, Odipiyo Maurice, Aleku Gift, Aliotoko Bosco, Waga Robert, Bondo Muzamil, Alici Benard.
Coach: Arubaku Kenneth

Radio Pacis starting XI

Manaba Ivan, Omiacan Darius, Ayikobua Ismail, Enguma Samson, Odama Nelson, Onziga Simon, Onzima Joel, Obetia Joel, Mukulia Lawrence, Nyamua Walter , Adrapi Gabriel.

Coach: Vicente Da Costa Jr

Radio Pacis anniversary games history:

2017- Maracha 0-2 Radio Pacis

2016- Yumbe 0-2 Radio Pacis

2015-Koboko 1-0 Pacis

2014- Angal Hospital 4-2 Radio Pacis