By Daniel Amule

The Police in the West Nile Region have cleared a number of places to display fireworks in anticipation of the New Year 2018.

The West Nile region police spokesperson Josephine Angucia identified some the happening places in the region that are okayed to display fireworks as  Vino world,  Zina Mwenyewe, Ebenezar show Mvara, Desert Breeze Hotel, Prince Palace Hotel,  Hill Top Hotel, Heritage Courts, Okpotani Trading Centre all in Arua district.

Hill top hotel Oluvu & Oleba, AP Foundation Tara, Kololo Trading centre, AP Foundation Yivu in Maracha District

In Moyo district, Dreams Club, Chelechele Triangle, Penthouse in Moyo and Moyo Capital Garden meanwhile in Koboko District Hotel Blue Dove has been cleared.

In Nebbi Grace Guest House Goli, Three Ds Tokoli, Namurodo Road, Town Council and Hotel Premier Yumbe

According PRO Josephine Angucia the area commanders are expected to inspect the intended fireworks display venues to ascertain suitability. She urges all organizers to get in touch with area commanders for maximum security of the areas of display.


The police publicist for the West Nile Region has warned that fireworks displays are not allowed at or near fuel stations, inflammable materials, depots, and hospitals.

She says that the size of the materials must not exceed 1.5 mm caliber however wider advertisement should be made to avoid panic amongst members of the public and the display must only last for 5 minutes.

The organizers have been urged to ensure that members of public are given maximum protection during display

Members of the public have been called upon to cooperate with the police during the display of fireworks and avoid cases of hooliganism.

The police in the West Nile Region intend to deploy at all the areas of display of the fireworks and also at the street jam that will take place at Vino. End