By Denis Oringi

The continuous land wrangles between the people of Jonam and the Acholi who are in Nwoya district over the land that is across the eastern side of Albert Nile as led to the displacement of over six hundred people who are currently taking refuge at Pakwach District Head Quarter. The affected people believe to be Jonam speaking people.

The chairperson Pakwach District Omito Robert Steen says as a district they have been able to accommodate them because they claimed that they tried reporting their cases to Nwoya District leaders but no one pays attention to them.

Going on the ground where the affected people are staying, some of them have said, they are tired of the inhuman treatment that they are receiving from Lt. Gen. Otema Awany and his soldiers that he has decided to deploy on the land where they are residing

According to Japyem Pierino a community leader who is helping the community staying at Obira where the affected people have been staying across Eastern side of the Nile.

One of the affected people says the land that Lt. Gen. Otema Awany is claiming to be his belongs to the locals of Nwoya left to them by their ancestors.

He claims that they left the land when the government wanted to treat tsetse flies that were affecting people and their animals however when they later wanted to go back, rebel activities started by Alice Lakwena later followed by Joseph Kony who fought for over 20 years on the land on the Eastern side of Albert Nile wouldn’t allow them to go back.

Lieutenant General Otema Awany, who is being accused by the people that he is behind the deployment of UPDF  soldiers causing destructions said the land belongs to the people of Acholi and it is not in Jonam Or Pakwach District.

He therefore referred those who genuinely own land and are affected to run to the administration of Nwoya district.

All the belongings of these affected people have been turned into ashes since the houses they were in are all ruined into ashes. They are requesting for assistance from any Good Samaritan to come to their aids since majority of the people affected are children aged 5 below. The end