By Maurice Eriku

Uganda National Roads Authority has called road side encroachers along Arua Nebbi and Nebbi Pakwach road to voluntarily clear road reserves to pave way for the installation of road furniture and utilities like water, electricity etc

According to John Paul Matovu, the enforcement supervisor in UNRA, the move is meant to compel encroachers to vacate road reserves at will to avoid coercion by UNRA’s enforcement team

Semujju Nicholas, the enforcement officer says the affected persons were compensated and should cooperate & comply with the vacation notice to avoid penalties

Meanwhile Abubaker Bushobozi, UNRA’s maintenance engineer appeals to people along the affected roads to observe the 15m allowance for road reserves as indicated by their concrete mark posts

The encroachers have been given a 60-day grace period to comply or attract a 2 year jail sentence for noncompliance or pay upto 4 million in penalties or both. End