By Pamela Atim

Onzima Gabriel who pleaded guilty to the offence of murder under the plea bargain system will serve 12 years imprisonment for murdering his wife Anguparu Jessica.

The convict and his wife were living together as husband and wife till on the 18th march 2017 when the convict returned home around 9pm and did not get his wife at home.

The deceased returned home at around 10pm. The accused began quarrelling and proceeded to beat her using a pestle indiscriminately including the head and the deceased collapsed and he dragged her to a nearby hut. The woman who could not wake up was discovered dead.

The matter was reported to police and the police went to the scene of crime and took photos of the deceased and she was taken to the hospital for postmortem at Yumbe hospital mortuary and was found with injuries on the head, multiple bruises on the right hand side of the body.

The accused was also examined and found to be of sound mind. The accused while mitigating his sentence told court that he didn’t intend to kill his wife  but was teaching her how to behave while at home.

He also said the woman abused him when he advised her to stop drinking.

The judge who sentenced Onzima to 12 years in jail said he didn’t find any substantial mitigation and that the accused killed his wife just because she came home after him which was not a reason.

He was told to appeal within 14 days if not satisfied with the sentence. End