By Pamela Atim

Justice Stephen Mubiru convicted and sentenced Abala Charles on his own plea of guilty for aggravated defilement.

Prosecution said that on 2nd January 2017 in Arua district, a girl below the age of 14 together with her friend were from a disco hall when her friend branched off for a short call leaving the victim at the road side waiting for her.

The accused came and told the victim that the brother was calling her and as they were going back to the disco hall, the accused pushed her down and defiled her.

The victim reported the matter to her father who in return reported to police.

The two were taken for examination at police health Centre 3. The victim who was still bleeding was found to be having a raptured hymen.

The accused who was examined on 3rd of January 2017 was found to be aged 18 years and with a sound mind.

While mitigating his sentence, the accused said he had spent 1 year and 2 months in prison, he is married with 3 children, and his parents are deceased.

The judge said that the fact that he pleaded guilty and he has family responsibility he will serve 5 years in jail. His right of appeal was explained. End