Nyakuni Alfred commonly known as Uncle Nyax is one of the aspirants for the seat Arua municipality bi-election.

Nyakuni is a teacher by profession who taught at Muni Girls Secondary School and also was a presenter at Arua diocese media center, Radio Pacis.

Radio pacis’ Vusia Kevin caught up with him for radio interview:

Vusia: Tell us about yourself;

Uncle Nyax:  I started my primary school in Yole primary school in Terego, and then I moved out to Otravu primary school in Maracha district and then later on finished in Paranga primary school. I joined senior one in St. Joseph’s college Ombachi and also finished my A level there. Then I went to persue a two years course in secondary education in National teachers college Muni, after there I then went into teaching in Muni girls’ senior secondary school and in 2008 I enrolled to do a bachelor’s degree at Kyambogo university and I graduated in 2012.My father is from Terego, particularly a village called Onai on the mountains but he finally built a house at Owaffa trading center, that’s where my home is.

Vusia: Why have you decided to join politics yet you have been known an adored radio journalist and a science teacher?

Uncle Nyax: Like a child grows, his demands keep changing. He probably starts with wanting the breast and then goes to want a pantie, at a later time he wants a pair of jeans, and later on he wants to marry. So I think I have been of age enough for having lived in Arua municipality for over twenty years now and my radio work exposed me to know the problems of the municipality and I think instead of telling other people in my usual program about the problems of the municipality, I should be able to seek for solutions to these problems because at my current situation I can handle to solve the problems. But I can help it now when I am the Member of Parliament.

Vusia: What are you standing for in this election?

Uncle Nyax: Without peace and unity there can’t be any chance of progress in the society bearing in mind that Arua is a cosmopolitan municipality, there needs to be no segregation along religion tribe race. Many politicians over the years have come to politic in Arua municipality but they are using our differences to their advantage.  We have lived with Muslims and other tribes amicably before but they just want to ride on these differences but I want to be a unifying factor. End