By Kevin Vusia

West Nile region received a total of 433 community service orders which were issued from various courts in the region starting from Pakwach to Adjumani district. This was in the period between July and December 2018.

According to the Regional Community Service Coordinator Steven Abumyang, Arua district had the highest number of people sentenced to community service. Arua was followed by Koboko then Yumbe that was followed by Nebbi then Moyo which was followed by Paidha which brings together Zombo and Pakwach.

There were three high court orders issued by the high court resident judge of Arua.

Meanwhile, Freda Okuonziru the Community Service Officer for Arua district says one can be given community service in conditions including when one admits to having committed a crime and shows remorse and when court finds an offender liable for community service.

Okuonziru says community service is usually issued in order to decongest the prisons as the current facilities can’t adequately accommodate the inmates.

Some of the offenders that have attracted community service as a penalty are people involved in; assault, theft, fight in public, child to child sex, threatening violence and being idle and disorderly among others. End