By Simon Onziga

This has been decided to ensure a smooth transition of some of the teachers to the new Madi District which will be operationalized from 1st of July this year.

The Deputy Chief Administrative Officer Arua district Robert Charles Ogwang says they will effect some of the transfer requests on critical conditions. He says there are a number of requests for transfer on their desk ranging from head teachers, deputy head teachers and classroom teachers.

Ogwang wonders why some of transfer requests have not passed through the head teachers. He however maintains that the district is regulating transfers unless otherwise.

The head teacher Ediofe Boys primary school Ezale Kennedy says this move allows teachers to settle and commit themselves to achieve the set goals from the previous years.

Meanwhile, Asiki Zakious the deputy head teacher Ediofe Girls primary school received the view with a concern about the staff ceiling of the school saying more teachers are needed in his school as currently there are only 31 teachers and 4 of these are visually impaired meaning their services are restricted to the equally visually impaired pupils.

Arua district education officer Acia Marino responded to the challenge of staffing in schools saying nearly all the schools in the district are under staffed. He attributes this to financial hurdles.

The district is yet far from achieving an even teacher to pupil ratio across the schools. End