By Pamela Atim

The Humanitarian Response Programs that Radio Pacis is running under the project ‘Empowering Local and National Humanitarian Actors’ (ELNA) has helped enhance the capacity of the radio in carrying out the frequent dialogues between refugees and host communities in the settlements.

The project funded by Oxfam and implemented by Radio Pacis started in 2016 as one of the implementing partners from 2017.

The Station Manager of Radio Pacis Gaetano Apamaku says, through the support of Oxfam, Radio Pacis is able to visit the camps frequently to implement the project.

The Director of Radio Pacis, Father Tonino Pasolini is convinced that the programs broadcast under the ELNA project reaches a wider community given the area of coverage by Radio Pacis.

The Country Director of Oxfam Uganda Moses Dombo says, the project aimed at empowering women and children in humanitarian response is mainly focused on governance and accountability, strengthening livelihood and addressing humanitarian needs.

The project has not only helped the listeners but the staff of the radio as well. The Program Manager, Noel Ayikobua says, staff have benefitted from capacity buildings.

Oxfam’s 3 years  project is meant to build capacity of local and national actors to be able to respond to humanitarian  situation without necessarily depending on donor fund. End