By John Dibaba

Five employees of Kuluva hospital arua district are under investigation over corruption. The employees include the hospital administrator, three accountants and the bursar kuluva training school. It’s reported that the suspected staff are being probed for mismanaging funds in the procurement of an x ray machine.

The hospital board that sat on the 5th of April realized there was accountability query and asked for both procurement and human resource audit of the hospital.

The Diocesan Secretary of Madi and West Nile Diocese Godfrey Naser says a committee has been established to investigate this scandal together with the police.

The Communication Officer of Madi and West Nile Diocese Martin Bileni says as a diocese they still have not condemned the suspects. He added that the diocese still considers them as part of the institution till the probe in to the issue us completed.

It’s also alleged that with this scandal, has affected operations at the hospital as other employees have not been paid for several months now but the medical supretendant of the hospital Dr. Alex Atiku refutes this claim. He says this delayed payment has nothing to do with the corruption allegations.

Over the years former management of this hospital was also accused of corruption, close sources say this trend is continuing at the hospital because the accounts of the hospital is not regularly audited. End