By Noel Ayikobua 
When we love something whole heartedly, we do everything possible within our power to achieve it. This seemed to be the fate of 72 year old Mama Nicolina Driciru a resident of Tara, Maracha District.

Mama Nicolina in Radio Pacis 90.9fm studio

This afternoon, there was excitement in the radio building of radio pacis as Mama Nicolina Driciru accompanied by Our receptionist approached me in the programs office. She was being toured around the radio station she had been listening to for a very long time.

Program Manager Noel interacting with Mama Nicola as receptionist looks on

As i intereacted with our Visitor of the day, it was clear that Mama Nicolina was one of our ardent listeners. This was proved by what she said and the level of excitement one could see in her face by the fact that she was able to visit Radio Pacis. This was indeed a life time achievement for Mama Nicolina. I am going to know all the presenters by name said mama Nicolina.

Prog Manager Noel greets Mama Nicolina

Mama Nicolina’s Initially was on her way to Orugbo in pajulu sub-county when she made this visit.Mama Nicolina personally requested to see Alicia and these photo’s can tell it all. She comes from Tara Maracha District and is the Chairperson of Catholic Action Oliapi Zone Ombavu Church. Thanks Mama Nicolina Driciru for serving God, listening to Radio Pacis and your Visit.

Mama Nicolina finally meets Dawa Alice

Radio Pacis appreciates its listeners in Tara Sub-county and encourages them to continue listening to the radio.End