By Atim Pamela

The Archbishop of Church of Uganda Archbishop Stanley Ntagali who is due to retire as the 8th Archbishop of the church of Uganda in his sermon at Emmanuel Cathedral cautioned families against misuse of family resources.

The aachbishop urged families to avoid being egocentric but remember to be grateful to God.

”Husbands it’s wrong to misuse family money through sell of property like family house, land, coffee, chicken among others without the knowledge of your wives.” He noted

He also pointed out that Children in UPE schools use torn clothes because there are rampant cases of misappropriation of family resource by parents.

Archbishop Ntagali Dedicating the perimeter wall and gate of Emmanuel Cathedral

Arua municipality Member of Parliament Wadri Kassiano commended the Archbishop for respecting the Church of Uganda constitution and asked clerics to continue echoing corruption a vice which has become rampant in the country.

I want to thank you for the inspirational leadership you gave during your term of office.” He said.

The MP urged the leaders of this country to also respect the constituency of Uganda and not change it for their selfish interest.

Reverend Canon Manua Ofuta Chaplin Arua Regional Referral Hospital who mentored Archbishop Ntagali while in Karamoja   stressed that Archbishop Ntagali joined him in ministering to high school students in Karamoja.

Archbishop Ntagali will leave a soft spot in many Christians in Madi & West Nile diocese.

Canon Eli Nayenda an educationist in Arua district describes the archbishop as a man of action.

According to him, it is during his time that the Church House Project that was started by his Grace Late Archbishop Janani Lumum in the early 1970’s has been completed.

Archbishop Ntagali dedicating the double cabin pcikup of Emmanuel cathedral

Another Christian appreciated the Archbishop of the church of Uganda for always having Madi & West Nile Diocese at heart by offering prayers and often visiting.

Other Christians expressed their joy in seeing the leader of the church of Uganda retire when he is still alive.

The farewell service was held under the theme God’s Grace Has Brought Us Thus Far.” On March 1st 2020, Archbishop Ntagali will be 65 years old when he is expected to retire. End