By Jimmy Komakech

The Cross Cultural Foundation Uganda has come up with strategies of restoring and preserving  the lost pride and glory of women and their culture in Acholi through the use of video documentary, engaging and empowering them with knowledge about their culture, converging in a meeting with some women and men under different chiefdoms in Acholi region from Gulu town recently.

Atoo Filda Mary from Kitgum while making her submission said  the Acholi tribe are the one spoiling their culture applauding Cross Cultural Foundation Uganda for raising the bar in ensuring that women and their culture are harnessed through gender mainstreaming .

Asumpo Sarah from PACTA Uganda an organization that deals in Alcohol and drug addicts admitted that the culture of Acholi is being spoiled because some women have failed to appreciate their men despite the good and hard work they normally do in the society. She stressed women are at times responsible for giving alcohol to their men which destroys the family in the long run.  

Moses Okidi a police officer working in Child and Family Protection Unit Gulu Central Police Station said the abuse of Acholi culture is reflected in rampant cases of domestic violence, child neglects among others. He emphasizes that case of men neglecting their responsibility and also some women abandoning their children are worrying. He appeals to the Acholi paramount chief to come together and mitigate this issues.

Angeyo Angella Teddy from Lamogi Clanship in Amuru district submitted that there is a lot needed to be done in order to revive Acholi Culture starting with the youth being involved in clan meetings.

Okot Phillips Ogom the Prime Minister Pajule, Palwo Chiefdom in Pader district said there is needs to widen the scope of coverage in term of knowledge dissemination about the what cultures says in the specific aspects of lives that concern womens and girls as well emphasizing the practice of the prescription that culture has in regard of the women and girls rights.

Babweteera Barbra Mutama the Deputy Executive Director the Cross Cultural Foundation Uganda noted that all these challenges have been thrown to the cultural leaders. He called upon community members and parents to embark on teaching their children not to get involved in early sexual intercourse if they are to preserve their culture. End