By Immaculate Amony

A section of Bodaboda riders in Lira Town has launched a hunt for, Moses Okori, the Chairperson, Lira United Motorcycle BodaBodaAsssociation (LUMBA) whom they accused of fleeing with Shs30 million meant for the BodaBoda riders.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni while presiding over a graduation at Lira University on Friday handed over Shs30 million to Bodaboda cyclists in Lira Town to help change the livelihood of Bodaboda riders in the District.

Currently, LUMBA, has 3,860 registered bodaboda members.

Mr Sam Odongo, the Chairperson, New Lira Motorcycle Riders Association said Okori has since disappeared after receiving the money from President Museveni.

“On Friday, the president fulfilled his pledge after several times that we have been asking him to support us as Boda-Boda riders. And indeed, he brought Shs30 million. He called two of us as Boda-Boda chairpersons representing other cyclists to receive the money,” Mr Odongo said.

An Advisor at Lira Cyclists Board, Mr Solomon Okwir said on Saturday morning when they tried to ask for the whereabouts of the money, Mr Okori told them that the money was given to him as an individual.

“We have launched a hunt for him and we pray that he hands over himself to the BodaBoda riders since the money is not a personal money but for the cyclists in Lira Town,” he said.

A Bodaboda Cyclists, Mr Juma Owera said the money should have been put into a Sacco that comprises of all Bodaboda riders in Lira Town.

“President Museveni gave the money but he did not specify to which group of bodaboda the money was meant for. The money was meant for the cyclists in Lira Town,” he said.

He said if the money is taken by one person, it loses the meaning of their initial request to President Museveni.

“We requested for the money to help us start up a strong Sacco. The responsible authorities should note that as BodaBoda riders, we are trying to make a living and Okori must be arrested before we arrest him,” MrOwera said.

By press time, the Bodaboda riders had dispersed to hunt down for Mr Okori. End