ARUA. There was grief and shock at Arua Police ground on Friday during the ongoing UPDF recruitment exercise after one person collapsed and died.

According to major Ceaser Olwenyi, the Forth division Public information officer, the deceased Michael Saidia from Ofaka in Madi Okollo district collapsed and died when they were flagged off for a road run.

He said, it happened when they were still sorting out papers in the morning but the deceased collapsed and died some minutes later.

“The road run was one of the examinations for recruitment but we told the candidates that the exercise was not a competition and they should not run to die. We gave clear instructiobs about that and we flagged off the candidates for a two and half kilometre run for going and coming back but the deceased collapsed and died some minutes later,” he said.

He added: “After the deceased collapsed, our doctors tried to rescue him by putting him on drip. We thought he was going to be okay within no minute as we were looking for ways of getting ambulance, because this condition can’t warant these vehicles of ours, within a short period, he passed on which is very unfortunate.”

Meanwhile another man found to be suffering from epilepsy also collapsed in the morning when the recruitment team was sorting out the documents of the candidates but after gaining his counciousness, he was sent back home.End.