By Lalam Gloria

GULU: A man who absconded from bail and never turned up to defend himself against a defilement case before the Gulu chief magistrate’s court and was sentenced to 10-year imprisonment in absentia was rearrested to make him serve his sentence.

Simon Peter Ayella, 29, went into hiding and chief magistrate Francis Dawa Matenga sentenced him in his absence on 10th December 2019. He then issued an arrest warrant to bring him to carry the aforesaid sentence into execution, according to the law. A letter addressed to the Superintendent of Prison, dated 6th January 2020, hands over the convict to Gulu Main Prison.

In previous records before court, Ayella allegedly defiled the 14-year-old girl, a P.5 pupil of Gulu Public Primary School in


Gulu Municipality on 18th October 2019. According to the girl, Ayella went and picked her from school at lunch time break, purportedly on the directive of the guardian, Sylvia Achan but ended up with her in a hut in Kirombe where he defiled her. She added that, Ayella removed her uniform, pushed it in her mouth and threatened to kill her if she makes any noise. But she shouted and neighbors came to her rescue.

Ayella was first arrested on 21st October 2019 from Gulu Bus Park, he is a boda-boda motorcyclist who stages near Jumia Mosque Gulu. He was then brought before court, where he pleaded not guilty to the offense and was remanded. Around November 2019, the same court granted him bail which he shunned and never turned up to proceed with the case. Ayella was then re-arrested on 31st December 2019 from his house in Olaiylong, Lyibi division Gulu municipality, where he had dug a hole in his house and was in hiding. End.