By Dramadri Fredrick

Communication Secretary Ediofe Cathedral Parish 

The Bishop of Arua diocese Rt. Rev. Sabino. Ocan Odoki visited St Mary’s Yivu Zone under Ediofe cathedral Parish in Arua Diocese to administer the sacrament of confirmation.

During the mass the Bishop Sabino welcomed the Christians to the season of Lent and asked them to observe the three disciplines of prayers, fasting and alms giving  which he said are the most important pillars of Lent.

Bishop Sabino Ocan Odoki asked the confirmation candidates to use their talents maximally so that they don’t complain of lack of jobs. He said talents like playing football, netball, volleyball and athletics have given some people jobs even without education.

The Bishop equally challenges the Christians to preserve and protect the creation other than destroying it, he said things like polythene bags, plastics, artificial hairs among others are thrown and placed anyhow on ground thus obstructing water infiltration leading to soil infertility. He further tasked the various man activities such as charcoal burning, brick making,and scattered settlements be minimized so as to reduce on its effects on the environment.

Views from Christian

George Avua, the Coordinator for Catholic charismatic Renewal (CCR) Yivu Zone says he is pleased and very happy for the developmental messages delivered by the Bishop.  Avua boldly said he planted sixty mango trees twenty years back and are the ones helping him in paying school fees. He further said in western region wetlands are not tempered with that’s why they have enough water sources and encourages the people of Arua diocese to buy the idea.

Hon. Marlon Avutia, the chairman  Pajulu Sub county said several times they have rolled out tree planting campaign but the challenge has been poor weather conditions in which most seedlings dry off due to lack of irrigation system in the region and land fragmentation where some people are not willing to give their land for planting the seedlings.


The mass concluded with the following

The Holy Eucharist was installed in the new church which addressed the challenge of moving up and down from the previous old church house and the Bishop also toured and blessing of the father’s house which is at window level. End