By Ronald Acema

Communication Secretary Koboko Parish

Koboko district leaders have locked two shops of Indian nationals after reports emerged that they are responsible for the daily rise of price of salt and other essential commodities in the markets.

The matter came up during a security meeting organized to adopt practical strategies to contain Corona-virus in the Koboko district after Kuluba Sub County Councilor Hon. Nafutali Kenyi raised the issue of exploitation of consumers due to the presence of corona virus.

The Resident District Commission Koboko gave the directive to carry out the operation and the owners of the closed shops were taken to record statements at police station.

There was drama as the team made up of the security personnel, town clerk and chairperson Koboko district chamber of commerce enforced the directive issued by the RDC. The team closed down two shops belonging to Indian nationals who had hiked the price of salt.

The decision taken by the team to lock down the two shops was welcomed by the consumers. According to one consumer the abnormal increase in price of salt was unfair. He said the price of salt rose to 45.000/= for the small packet and to 90.000/=.

Another consumer has appealed to government to come to their aid because this is affecting them at domestic levels.

However Habib Aloro chairman chamber of commerce stressed that there is hoarding of commodities.

People are hoarding consumer goods especially salt has been stocked by Indians in their warehouses. They release them in bits at higher prices at the expense of people being exploited and that’s what we want to contain. 

The chairman chamber of commerce Koboko stresses that hoarding is unlawful in Uganda.

Captain Yahaya Kakooza the resident district commissioner Koboko emphasized that he will fight to ensure that the people are secured from exploitation from business community.

President Yoweri Museveni has warned “crooks” who are taking advantage of the Covid-19 outbreak situation by raising the prices of foodstuffs.

In his address to the  nation on Corona virus, the president said that he has been informed about some “crooks” in Kampala hiking prices because of the measures that have been put in place to curb the spread of the deadly virus.

“I will send in spies. If I find anyone hiking the price of food, I will cancel their license,” he warns.

By press time, unconfirmed reports claimed that a packet of salt had risen to five thousand shillings in some places from the initial eight hundred shillings. End