MARACHA: Maracha constituency Member of Parliament Mr. Denis Lee Oguzu has handed over the controversial shs20 million to Maracha district COVID_19 Task force.

The legislator gave this money on Tuesday in the district District Task Force meeting.

“Court advised that the money should be brought to the district task force. Based on my assessment on ground, I found out that the sub county task forces do not have the resources to implement anything. So, my wish has been that each sub county in Maracha constituency gets five million shillings and the District Task Force will receive five million shillings for their interventions. So, I have brought that money with me and I will give it to the District Task Force to enable you do your work.” Mr. Oguzu said.

Mr Oguzu said, he also distributed Personal Protective Equipment and Temperature guns to selected front line staff including health workers and security forces within Maracha constituency.

The money was received by the RDC Maracha Madam Soet Esther Cherop and she later gave it to the District Chief Administrative Officer(CAO).

” I am now grateful because he has handed over the shs 20M to the District Task Force. I will receive and hand over immediately to CAO before the District Task Force members. And I don’t want to say it’s the District Task Force to plan it right now. We are to plan the money together with the MPs as per the guidelines by the President.” Mrs. Soet said.

Mr. Oguzu is the second Maracha Member of Parliament to hand over this money to the District Task Force after the Woman MP did so a few days ago.

According to Social media reports, MP James Acidri of Maracha East Constituency reportedly returned the money to the Parliamentary Commission, which was one of the options for refund of this money.

Maracha District Chairman Mr. Lawrence Adiga Ozubia said,

I want to express my gratitude to Hon. Oguzu for respecting the decision that the shs 20m be handed over to Maracha district Task force. We have received the money and we are now cautioning the Chief Administrative Officer to follow the right procedures such that the task force utilizes this money for food items for our vulnerable people.

In one of his addresses to the Nation, President Museveni castigated the MPs for allocating the money to themselves, saying it was morally reprehensible. End