By Sabir Musa

Electoral Commission has set Monday 8th of February 2021 as the polling day to elect District Chairperson in Madi-Okollo District.

This comes about one week after the election was suspended due to an irregularity on the ballot paper.

Five candidates are eyeing Madi-Okollo District Chairperson seat.

These include Andama Ali Mohammad (Ind), Arumadri Gilbert (Ind), Drabe Ismail (NRM), Onzima Suleiman (FDC) and Bruno Onzima (Ind).

Voter were on 20th January 2021 disappointed after the election for District Chairperson was cancelled over irregularity on ballot paper.

There was a mismatch of photos for FDC candidate Onzima Suleiman and Bruno Onzima who is contesting as an independent candidate.

Madi-Okollo District Returning Officer, John Gonzaga confirms that, the election will be held on Monday next week.

Although the materials have not arrived in the district, John is confident that the election will successfully be held on the set date.

“The materials have not arrived but they will be here (in the district) we are finishing sub county election firs on Wednesday” the Returning Officer.

With the low voter turn-up registered in recently concluded election, Forum for Democratic Change Party flag bearer, Sulaiman Onzima challenge voters to turn-up in large numbers.

He says, “I want to call upon the people of Madi-Okollo District to turn-up in large numbers on Monday having known that Madi-Okollo is a baby district that actually does not require any one with a lot of corruption to handle the issue of the district”

Bruno Onzima, an Independent Candidate in the race reveals that, he used the past one week to visit areas missed during campaign period.

“It has been disappointment for voters that they prepared to come and vote but they were unable to vote. We were able to move to a few other areas that we had reached during the campaign period” Bruno reveals.

The election will be held in all the polling station across the district. It is the first time Madi-Okollo will get a substantial LC 5 since the district became operational on July 2019 after it was curved out of Arua District. End.